Aia di Lazzaro

Aia di Lazzaro: azienda

Aia of Lazzaro offers the opportunity to spend a relaxant vacation in the green and relaxant landscape that surrounds her/it, with the possibility of cultural excursions in the centers of art, enjoying of a family and discreet hospitality in comforting and elegant environments.
The structure is furnished of all the conforts of the modern technology, inclusive a connection wireless, has 4 rooms for the guests, of an ample room from lunch, of a room relax, of an ample and equipped garden.

Typical products

The district of Casalbore offers gastronomic rural numerous typical productions as the oil of olive, the genuine local wines, the mushrooms and the asparaguses to the careful visitors to the traditions.
Notable also the cheeses, among which detaches the caciocavallo of Castelfranco and the typical meats as the good brawn, the capicollo, the spicy sausage and the ham.
The pasta done in the house with the fusilli avellinesi and the cicatielli, with the ravioli with the ricotta of proper production and the noodles to the meat sauce of chicken they are among the typical dishes proposed from the kitchen of the firm.


The structure has 4 bedrooms, of which two matrimonial and two double, for the permanence of the guests. The rooms, endowed with all the modern confortses, they offer the occasion to spend days in total relax.